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SEO for small businesses. Focus on growing your business while we do the heavy lifting.

Your Brand Deserves More Than a Quick Fix.

You started your company following your passion and decided to pursue your dreams. The time and effort you give to your business, juggling productivity and house chores, conquering the fear to be under the spotlight deserves more than just boosting a post.

We specialize in weaving in the keywords that make an everlasting impact for a hassle free ranking.

Imagine having a SEO marketing partner that helps you stand out even with a bootstrap budget. That is what strategic marketing is all about. A partner that knows about search engines, social media and lead generation so you can go back to your happy place and grow your small business.

Back 2 Work Mom Club is a social enterprise supporting women entrepreneurs, because you deserve more than “average.” With us, your small budget makes a big impact.


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We take the time to understand your brand, learn about your competition. We take a deep look at your digital footprint analyzing the comments, reviews, and testimonials you have to find the wow factor that will help you create a powerful message for your next marketing strategy.

SEO & Content

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We do the research for you and put together a SEO kit for you to create monthly content for your blog posts, email marketing, and your social media campaign with the right keywords that will boost your brand organically.

Marketing Strategy

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We help you grow your email list with lead generation pages according to your target audience’s needs and niche seasonality.

But most importantly, every week, you will have a personalized report to go over your organic growth strategy and how to optimize your digital marketing!

We provide affordable SEO services.

Loyal to our beliefs, we are convinced our clients can jump into the spotlight with the right strategy and without breaking their budget.

  • We use meticulous SEO strategy.
  • We design customer-centric approach and eye-catching landing pages.
  • We create valuable content that brings in leads and referrals, ultimately making your business grow organically.
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Hi, I’m Gaby

I believe women mentoring women entrepreneurs is crucial to leveraging the playfield. I founded Back 2 Work Mom Club to help other women entrepreneurs stand out without the hassle using SEO and marketing intelligence.

I help you create a clear message that prompts your prospects to sign up without overthinking it.

My specialty is to reach more clients, and get qualified leads with organic SEO.

“Engaging content is far more about brains than budget.”

— Ann Handley

Our Focus: Organic Marketing Strategy

Contrary to paid ads and sponsored posts, Organic Marketing helps you build more than a list of followers; it allows your brand to build credibility and drives permanent traffic towards your website and web pages. 

But not only that, your customers are authentically interested in your brand because they trust you, which reflects on your engagement, and Google notices that! Thus, ranking your site as trustworthy.

Moreover, organic marketing allows you to connect directly with your customers and have a more personal connection with them!  And, of course, lead optimization is pretty valuable for converting organic traffic into potential leads.

“We believe social media is a catalyst for good, where small budgets can make a big impact with the right strategy”

Gaby Rendon

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