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Flexible SEO Services

We are convinced you can jump into the spotlight with the right strategy. We want our clients to focus on starting, growing or scaling their business while we do the heavy lifting doing keyword research, SERP intent matching, SEO review and social media optimization.

We have different SEO services that fit your needs and budget. Whether it is a one time service or you are looking for a digital marketing partner, we got your back.

Get back the thrill of growing a business.

Pay As You Go

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Save time and avoid headaches trying to come up with ideas for your business. We research up to 5 topics and in 7 days we give you related terms, search intent and hashtags for your social media campaigns.

Only $129 / Research

What can you do with keywords?

  • Generate new content.
  • Optimize your website.
  • Direct traffic to sales page.

DFY Content

Give us 2 topics and we write 3 posts of 600 words each. We weave in keywords and SERP intent matching. In 10 days you will have 6 pieces of content that provides value and drives traffic to your business.

Starting at $299

How does content benefit you?

  • Guest post links
  • Drive Traffic
  • Improve SERP ranking
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Lead Generation

We review your lead magnet and identify keyword gaps that are costing you leads (and money). In 7 days you will have SERP intent matches for your niche and high quality keywords to use in all your content.

Starting at $199

What can you gain from it?

  • Lower Ad cost.
  • Grow email list.
  • Better Leads.

Marketing Partner Package

We support women entrepreneurs looking for a long term SEO strategy.

No hidden fees, or surprises. One time starting fee of $150 for website basic optimization.

We help you build more than a list of followers; we help your business grow.

You get a personalized strategy that supports your business goals starting at $599/mo. See what’s included in the Partner Package:

  • High-quality content written in-house.
  • Well-researched content that grasps what your audience is looking for.
  • Guest blog link building strategy.
  • Meticulous SEO strategy that supports your business goals.
  • Organic and Paid Search Marketing strategy.
  • Weekly reports and optimization recommendation.
  • Mentoring.

Imagine having more time to grow your business instead of doing tasks that give you a headache.

You can have a marketing partner that helps your business have more visibility, attract more clients, and increase customer referrals.

We specialize in the following niches:

Coaching & Professional ServicesHand-made
BoutiquesStart Ups

If your niche is not listed, don’t worry! We can still be an option for you.

You don’t need lots of money to grow your business. Marketing and strategy is what gets you there! Check out more resources in our blog, and Instagram.