Why Us

Women Supporting Women

We focus on SEO so you can grow your business.

Our Focus is SEO Marketing

We are a female owned social enterprise with laser focused, data-driven thinkers designing SEO strategies.

We know social media maximizes the effectiveness of small businesses; and SEO marketing is the most direct way to amplify a message and support a micro and small businesses goals.

We Love Organic Reach.

We collect and analyze data and results, identify trends on metrics needed to refine selling propositions, weaving keywords, search intent, and designing tailored solutions that convert into quality leads.

Our focus is results-driven.

It is simple, we create content that converts.

Our SEO Marketing Results

  • Search campaigns for consulting services with a 6.8% CTR.
  • Landing pages for digital downloads have a 4.26% CTR.
  • Created over 452 articles -and counting- ranking among the top 10 organic results.
  • Paid campaigns with a click-through-rate of 7% and a subscription rate of 21.05%
  • Increased website traffic of 36.25% after a six-week content optimization project.